Jenny’s Tasty Treats – Holiday 2018

Happy Holidays! Important dates to remember:

• If you would like something shipped as a gift, place your order no later than 11:59pm EST, Dec. 12.
• If you plan to pick up your order, submitted your order no later than 11:59pm EST, Dec. 16.
• All orders must be picked up no later than 5:00 pm EST, Dec. 21.
• The holiday offerings will be available through 11:59pm EST, Dec. 31!
Happy New Year!

* Note: Smart Phone users! Scroll to bottom of page to see your shopping cart. 😉

Buckeyes – Go Team! $15 per doz. (+s/h) [wp_cart_button name=“Buckeyes”  price=“15.00”]
Dark Chocolate Buckeyes w/ Sea Salt $15 per doz. (+s/h) [wp_cart_button name=“DkChocolateBuckeyes” price=“15.00”]
Oreo Truffles $15 per doz. (+s/h)[wp_cart_button name=”Oreo Truffles” price=”15.00″]
Mint Oreo Truffles $15 per doz. (+s/h)[wp_cart_button name=”Mint Oreo Truffles” price=”15.00″]
Chocolate Fudge $15 per doz. (+s/h)[wp_cart_button name=”Chocolate Fudge” price=”15.00″]
Holiday Sugar Cookies $18 per doz. (+s/h)[wp_cart_button name=” Holiday Sugar Cookies” price=”18.00″]
Holiday Bark $12 per doz. (+s/h)[wp_cart_button name=”Holiday Bark” price=”12.00″]
Peanut Butter Cup Cookies  $15 per doz.(+s/h) [wp_cart_button name=”Peanut Butter Cup Cookies” price=”15.00″]
No Bake Cookies $12 per doz. (+s/h)[wp_cart_button name=”No Bake Cookies” price=”12.00″]
Ginger Bread Cookies $12 per doz. (+s/h) [wp_cart_button name=”Ginger Bread Cookies” price=”12.00″]

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